How is #COVID19 affecting those on whom we depend for critical, balanced and accurate information?

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A new report containing the voices of journalists working across the Global South and Emerging Economies, highlighting the challenges faced by the profession during the pandemic, is released today by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

It is the first such study combining in-depth research into the insights of industry leaders, advocates and media experts with the first-hand experiences of reporters on-the-ground in these regions, to explore the major issues impacting the profession.

The 55 contributing journalists, who are alumni of the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s training programmes, are from 26 countries including Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Romania and the Philippines. Their insights illustrate the reality of how journalism outside of North America and Western Europe is being affected. …

My working year: in numbers

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2020. What a year!

Despite all the challenges and new ways of doing things, it was still possible to get lots of interesting things done. Here is a quick summary:

Public Engagement

  • 145 Media Mentions and Interviews
  • 13 Conference Panels and Workshops

Creative Work

  • 86 articles
  • 8 podcasts


  • 3 new research reports published
  • 136 citations
  • 1 Faculty Innovation Research Award

Teaching and Service

  • 6 classes taught
  • 4 campus visits co-ordinated — including 4 public talks (all recorded), 12 class visits, 806 students and members of the public engaged face-to-face, 4 TV studio interviews and 4 podcasts.
  • 1 board joined: KLCC Public Radio Foundation
  • 1 Fellowship: Fellow, Career Readiness CAIT (Communities Accelerating the Impact of Teaching), University of…

Demystifying online misinformation, constructive journalism,. the rise of eSports, documentary filmmaking and conversations with recent alumni

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In conversation with OPB’s Samantha Matsumoto (top) and Meerah Powell (below) for the Next Generation Leaders podcast. Image via Twitter

This post follows on from several earlier round-ups, bringing together my work from the past year in terms of, pubic scholarship and engagement, applied research, media business and revenue models, changing journalistic practice and social media and tech in the Middle East,

Demystifying Media Series

Local news, online misinformation, revenue opportunities, and the impact of COVID on journalism and journalism education… just some of the topics I touched on in the past 12 months

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This post follows on from several earlier round-ups, bringing together my work from the past year in terms of applied research, media business and revenue models, changing journalistic practice and social media and tech in the Middle East,

COVID-19 meant all my travel this year was virtual. But Zoom made it possible to engage in events hosted by the United Nations, Facebook, WAN-IFRA and others, enabling me to speak at sessions originating in Brussels, Cardiff, India, Oxford (UK), Singapore and elsewhere.

I contributed to a wide range of discussions, covering everything from distributed newsrooms, through to the rise of content-led commerce, the future of journalism education, online misinformation in the Middle East and the impact of COVID-19 on journalism and tech. …

The impact of COVID-19 on tech habits and policy, explainers on AI and Egypt’s new capital, and dives into social media habits on the major platforms

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In part four of this short series, I’ve collated all of my recent writing about tech and social media in the Middle East.

During 2020, I published 14 stories for ZDNet — a publication I’ve been writing for since December 2013 — as well as my eighth annual study into social media trends in the region. The first was published way back in 2012.

Other round-ups in this end-of-year series include an aggregation of my work on media business and revenue models, changes in the practice of journalism and the major research reports I dropped this year.


I published 14 stories on ZDNet in the past year, covering the impact of COVID, start-up culture, digital dives and other issues. Several of these stories were also picked up — and translated — by ZDNet’s international sites. …

Navigating COVID-19, reader revenue and subscriptions, embracing eCommerce and making sense of wider media trends

This is the third in a short series bringing together all of my research, journalism and other creative work from 2020.

It follows earlier posts looking at my work on the changing practice of journalism, and the full research reports (a couple of which are reshared below) that I published in the past 12 months.


Articles focused on media and revenue strategy

The Impact of COVID-19

Alongside publishing The Publisher’s Guide to Navigating COVID-19, I also wrote a couple of other articles on the pandemic, while also updating the chapters in my COVID report and publishing them as standalone chapters.

Dives into podcasting, local journalism, reporting, social media, and the different careers being experienced by young journalists

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This is the second article in a short-series bringing together all of my work from the past year.

Although there’s some cross-over between many of these categories, this installment looks specifically at my writing dedicated to journalistic practice.

Audio and Podcasting

Local Journalism

Published at the end of 2019, “Shifting Practices for a Stronger Tomorrow: Local Journalism in the Pacific Northwest,” stemmed from a roundtable held earlier in the year in Portland (OR). …

The impact of COVID-19 on the media business, deep dives into eCommerce as a revenue stream for publishers, and my eighth annual report on the state of Social Media in the Middle East

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Image via Software Suggest

’Tis the season to look back at the past 12 months. And what a year 2020 has been. Over the next few days, I’ll bring together my output from the past year around media business and revenue models, changing journalistic practice (including local media,) digital/tech in the Middle East, as well as the podcasts I’ve hosted.

Alongside this, I’ll also share the media mentions and interviews I’ve been fortunate enough to have in the media, and my teaching materials from 2020.

To start this series, here are the three full research reports I published this year. Collectively, across SSRN,,

Life after Allen Hall — lessons from recent graduates at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC)

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Image via SOJC alumni page

I have been very fortunate during my time at the SOJC to work with wonderful students, and to see many of them truly prosper in their careers after graduating.

Many of these former students kindly give back by appearing as guest speakers in my classes. Due to the pandemic, these sessions are recorded, in case students can’t make class and need to catch up in their own time.

These insightful conversations deserve to be heard more widely, so we’ve converted these Zoom discussions into a podcast series.

My hope is that these conversations are valuable for current students, industry professionals and fellow alum alike. I’ll post episodes from the series below, and don’t forget you can also catch the latest episodes via SoundCloud. …


Damian Radcliffe

Chambers Professor in Journalism @uoregon | Fellow @TowCenter @CardiffJomec @theRSAorg | Write @wnip @ZDNet | Host Demystifying Media podcast

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